Peter Dadzie Writes: Career Guidance Challenges in Rural Areas in Ghana and the Way Forward.

Most children in the cities and developed countries have clear aspirations for their future careers. When asked what they want to become, they often mention governance roles like president or ministers, as well as executive positions in multinational companies such as Chief Executive Officer or Chief Financial Officer. Others also say they would want to […]

Peter Dadzie writes: Empower the vulnerable, disempowered rural girl-child too.

Discussions about women’s empowerment dominate news headlines and policy formulations across the world. Now more than ever, governments, civil society organizations, and all other relevant stakeholders are giving prominence to the empowerment of women to take up critical positions in every facet of our lives. While developed countries have made giant strides in their women’s […]

Akurase Mpuntuo is an Akan phrase which literally means ‘rural development’. Akurase Mpuntuo Foundation is a non-profit and non-governmental organization that seeks to empower residents of deprived or underserved communities and improve their livelihoods.


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