Our Goal is to Empower People

At the heart of our vision is empowerment; to empower residents of deprived and underserved communities and improve their well-being to be able to achieve an inclusive and a sustainable development in Ghana and beyond.

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Our Programs

  • Adesua ne Nteteɛ (Education and Skill Training) Program

    The ‘Adesua ne Nteteɛ’ program facilitates access to quality uninterrupted education and skill training by children (young people) in deprived and underserved areas in Ghana.

  • Nsu Pa ne Ahonidie (WASH) Program

    The ‘Nsu Pa ne Ahonidie’ program is our WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) program where potable water, sanitation and hygiene facilities and services are provided and made affordable and accessible to all residents in deprived and underserved communities in Ghana.

  • Kuayɔ Mpuntuo
    (Sustainable Agriculture) Program

    The ‘Kuayɔ Mpuntuo’ (Sustainable Agriculture) program is our progressive and innovative agricultural program. Assisting deprived farmers to gain access to inputs/fertilizers, market, extension services and mechanization thereby progressing towards ‘farming as a business’ on a large scale and not only for subsistence purposes.

Akurase Mpuntuo is an Akan phrase which literally means ‘rural development’. Akurase Mpuntuo Foundation is a non-profit and non-governmental organization that seeks to empower residents of deprived or underserved communities and improve their livelihoods.

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